Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm Here and loving it!

It's Tuesday at about quarter to 3 in the afternoon Israel Time, and I'm sitting outside at the Fuchsberg Centre ampitheatre enjoying the wireless internet. I can't explain how amazing it is to think that I'll be spending the year here, and the next 5 months of it here in Jerusalem. I spent Sunday aftewrnoon at a shul in Long Island, getting to know my group, and getting ready to depart for JFK airport. Checking in for the flight was pretty intense (considering it was my first time on an Israeli airline. It took about three hours to wait in a few different lines, and by the time we got through security, it was time to board the flight. Israir wasn't deluxe, and on the contrary, was quite cramped, but it was nice to hear Hebrew being spoken and the fact that all of the food was kosher! We touched down around 6:15 in the evening, and went through passport control and got our baggage. After loading our suitcases onto a large truck, we started heading towards jerusalem, stopiing briefly for an overlook and opening ceremony. After a late dinner, we went almost straight to bed, being pretty jetlagged and all. Today, we davened and had breakfast, after which we took a walking tour around Jerusalem. I already took some pictures, and can't wait to upload them soon

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