Thursday, February 22, 2007

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה Be Happy it's Adar !!!

This past Sunday and Monday we marked Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Beginning of the month in which Purim falls, and I figured I'd recap some of the celebrations of those two days, as well as some of my work this week.
Sunday morning, I woke up for Rosh Chodesh services, which didn't start any earlier than the usual 6 AM start. It was apparent why when we finished the entire service, includingHallel and Musaf at 6:43. My work for that day was pretty relaxing, and included checking the irrigation pipes to make sure water flowed through them, and loading more pipes onto a truck. As usual, I came back, showered and relaxed, and had dinner sandwiched in betweenMincha and Maariv.
Monday Morning, as it will be most weeks, is Yom Nativ, as I had mentioned last week and after brekfast (which meant that I got to sleep in), we joined together for some very spirited Rosh Chodesh Tefillot, including a Hallel with plenty of Adar tunes which I lead. Our Madrich even remarked that this was one of the most spiritual davenings our group has had in months. In the morning, our group split up into different vaadot (committees) to plan the future Yemei Nativ. I am on the Purim Vaad, and we busily set the groundwork for a Purimshpiel video, mishloach manot, Tzedaka and more... At the end of the morning, on the way, to lunch, I walked by the גן ילדים and witnessed the beautiful site of the kids having a mini-carnival to welcome Adar, and dance around to Purim music. After a delicious fleischig lunch which included split pea soup, chicken wings, and French Fries, we had a birthday party for a few of my friends who had recently celebrated, and had a friendly soccer match. Before Mincha, I took a run around the kibbutz and got a bit of exercise to make up for the day off of work.
The past three days have been busy at work, as we straightened irrigation sprinklers, cleared rocks, tended to carrots, and pulled weeds, in between tons of tractor rides (including one that my friend David drove), Aruchot eser (10 AM coffee/tea break), lunches and more. On Tuesday night we had a group barbecue, which gave us some great time to hang out, along with more delicious meat! Finally, this afternoon (Thursday) Hechalutzim Seminar (a 10 day Israel trip which includes one USYer from each of the 17 regions) came for a short visit, and I got to see Elana Shilling, which was a great surprise and nice opportunity to have a slice of home.
I'm looking forward to a nice day off tommorow, followed by another relaxing shabbat here on Kibbutz as my friends Hillel and Daniel are coming up from Be'er Sheva to visit!

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