Friday, October 06, 2006

Finally: The Kotel!

Since after a month of being in Yerushalayim, I hadn't yet made it to the Kotel, I decided I had the sudden urge to visit there. Therefore, I decided to be crazy and wake up early on my day off (friday) and head to the Kotel. It was a nice 25 minute walk down towards the Old City, around the walls and into the Zion Gate. After that, I criscrossed through the Jewish Quarter, noting the many sukkot popping up left and right, and started the descent to the Kotel. After passing through security, I headed down towardss the prayer area and found a Minyan that had just started Birkot Hashachar, so I didn't have too much trouble catching up. Although it was a bit annoying being asked for money every other step, I enjoyed a nice and meaningful davening. On my way back to our base, I couldn't get over thinking that just 40 years ago, Jews did not live in the Old City, were unable to go to the Kotel, or view the breathtaking vistas that I have attached. We defibtely have much to be thankful for when we praise God as rebuilder of Jerusalem, Boneh Yerushalayim. Tonight marks the beginning of Sukkot, which I will be spending in the community of Efrat, about 25 minutes south of Jerusalem, withy the familt of Dr. Baruch Schwartz who was in Toronto just a few weeks ago.
חג שמח! Chag Sameach!
View from the walk to the Old city:

In front of the Kotel:

The Kotel:

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