Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Virtual Tour of my Backyard!

Since I had a bit of time on my hand this afternoon after we ended classes early, I decided to take a few pictures of my surroundings. Fasten your seatbelts and be prepared to arrive in the centre of Jerusalem!
My room:

Our Kitchinette/lounge:

The Beit Nativ Lobby:

Our Beit Knesset:

Beit Nativ Exterior:

The Conservative Yeshiva:

Outside of main Fuschberg Centre building:

View from our roof: South on Rechov Keren Hayesod

North on King George st. (The Prima King Hotel, Heichal Shlomo)


Ayelet said...

2 of the pics did not work
is the other bed a bunk bed
miss you

Anonymous said...

sorry there did work

Aunt Susan said...

I am enjoying every word that I read from all of your fantastic descriptions--your expereinces are amazing and your writing is just great--I can just about taste the rugelach and see you swinging the chicken. I am very proud of you and I look forward to reading more. I will check in just about daily to I look forward to more photos and more lessons, which I love. Aunt Susan

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